We specialize in engineering and production of a series of best-in-class fiber laser products, especially high power and high energy femtosecond fiber lasers. Our customers cover internationally from scientific research, industrial R&D, defense, to commercial system integrators.


The mission of our company is to provide our customers with the most innovative and the best quality femtosecond fiber laser products and supports. Driven by our customer's needs and our continuous desire to advance fiber laser technology, we endeavor to deliver superior products, values and services.


Laser-Femto inherits the cultures (3Ps, 4As, and 3Is) from PolarOnyx, which benefit each employee demanding a growing career opportunity. Positive attitude and open mind always come with our members towards problem solving and customer delivery and service. These cultures ensure us to continuously develop the best femtosecond fiber lasers in the world and deliver the best quality fiber laser products.

3Ps: Passion; Patience; Persistence
4As: Attitude; Attention; Accuracy; Assurance
3Is: Innovation; Imagination; Inspiration


Laser-Femto has received two product innovation awards at CLEO 2006 & 2007,two Prism Award Finalists (2008 & 2014), and one R&D 100 award (2013), all in high energy and high power femtosecond fiber lasers.

Record of the world's first-to-the-market fiber laser products:

  • August 2003, the first compact C+L band ASE module
  • April 2004, the first all fiber 100 mW and 100 fs mode locked fiber laser at 1.57 micron
  • May 2005, the first 30 mW and 100 fs SHG module at 780 nm.
  • May 2005, the most stable single frequency fiber laser at 1550 nm
  • October 2005, the first all fiber 200 mW and 150 fs mode locked fiber laser module at 1 micron
  • December 2005, the first 100 micro-J femtosecond fiber laser module. (Innovation Awards at PhAST/CLEO 2006)
  • August 2006, the first 5 W PM version femtosecond fiber laser
  • December 2006, the first 10 W PM version femtosecond fiber laser. (Innovation Awards at PhAST/CLEO 2007)
  • February 2007, the first all fiber based high power two-arm with super continuum and SHG femtosecond fiber laser
  • October 2007, the first low cost high power super continuum pulsed laser source
  • May 2008, the first low cost MHz high power and high energy ultrafast fiber laser. (Finalist of 2008 Prism Award at Photonics West 2009)
  • October 2009, the first 100 fs high power (> 1 W) femtosecond fiber laser
  • October 2009, the first 100 W fs fiber laser
  • November 2011, the most compact 50 micro-J femtosecond fiber laser
  • June 2012, the first GHz ultrafast high power UV fiber laser
  • July 2012, the first Micro-J ultrafast high energy Tm-doped fiber laser at 2 micron
  • June 2013, the first 0.5 mJultrafast high energy fiber laser at 1 micron(Finalist of 2008 Prism Award at Photonics West 2014)
  • June 2015, the first self-synchronized 4x50 W dual channels femtosecond high powerfiber laser at 1 micron