PolarOnyx product - harmonic generation

Harmonic generation

PolarOnyx product - supercontinuum generation

Supercontinuum generation

PolarOnyx product - blue/uv generation

Blue/UV generation

With our combined over 100 years experience in product engineering and manufacturing, Laser-Femto has capability of delivering a complete series of high quality fiber laser products:

  • Spectral regions cover from UV to mid-Infrared
  • Pulse widths cover from femtoseocnd to nanosecond as well as CW
  • Output power covers from mW to 200 W
  • Output pulse energy from nJ to mJ

Our flag-ship products are high energy and high power femtosecond fiber lasers.

Laser-Femto also provides harmonic generation (SHG, THG, FHG) and supercontinuum (SC) generation. If you want different specifications from our standard products, or have further questions or comments about our products, please email sales@laser-femto.com.

Standard Product Price List