Laser-Femto envisions that our patented proprietary technology (over 27 granted patents on fiber lasers) will revolutionize development of ultrashort pulsed fiber lasers and impact future applications. These key disruptive technology platforms are pulse shaping, spectral shaping, and polarization shaping pulse shaping.

Laser-Femto's proprietary shaping technologies provide capability of manipulating photonic signals to deal with nonlinear distortion, gain narrowing, timing jitter, and noise degradation. It enables the most innovative and reliable laser for future material processing, biomedical imaging & spectroscopy, optical communications, and optical sensing.

These technologies ensure high efficiency, excellent repeatability and high energy/power laser operation by using commercially available rare-earth doped fibers. It is the most cost-effective solution and has the best performance to cost ratio.

Awards for the first-to-the-market femtosecond fiber laser products

  • February 2014, the first 0.5 mJ high energy ultrafast fiber laser product:
    Finalist of 2014 Prism Award at Photonics West
  • July 2013, the first industrial 50 micro-J MHz high energy ultrafast fiber laser:
    R&D 100 Award
  • December 2008, the first low cost MHz high power and high energy ultrafast fiber laser:
    Finalist of 2008 Prism Award at Photonics West 2009
  • May 2006, the first 10 W PM version femtosecond fiber laser:
    Innovation Awards at PhAST/CLEO 2007
  • May 2005, the first 100 micro-J femtosecond fiber laser module:
    Innovation Awards at PhAST/CLEO 2006
Laser-Femto - Fiber Laser Award 2009

Laser-Femto - Fiber Laser Award 2009

Laser-Femto - Fiber Laser Award 2009